RESq: Reform of Employment Services quorum

What does RESQ do?

Academic and practitioner interest in the reforms being undertaken in contemporary welfare states is growing rapidly. Nowhere is this more pronounced than in employment services where many OECD countries are currently searching for new ways to deliver services to unemployed citizens and others at risk of exclusion from the labor market.

The objective of this network is to develop and refine the comparative and theoretical study of employment service reforms in selected OECD-countries in terms of substance of employment policies as well as organization and steering of public policy. The primary instruments of reformers are contracting out service delivery to for-profit and non-profit providers, decentralization of the steering structure, including single gateways (or one stop shops), public-private partnerships, empowering service users vis-à-vis service providers, and introducing new management tools (like performance targets, performance related pay, and contractualism).

A group of international renowned researchers under the name of Reform of Employment Services Quorum (RESQ) brings together key researchers from several of the countries engaged in such reforms to develop an international research network. Read more

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